Across worldwide supply chains, financial administrations, medical care, government, and different business ventures, developers investigate and explore enormous opportunities and ways to disrupt and illicit changes in the way business activities are carried out i.e shift in the conventional and traditional ways of executing business functions. Nowadays, information sharing are quicker and faster. For instance, messages travel so fast and wide-spreading in a small amount of a time at a very insignificant cost . Nonetheless, cash flows slower than information do. A primary financial transaction can take days to execute and conclude. The execution process may cost so much as well: individuals around the globe need admittance to modern monetary administrations inside and out: their exchanges are too little to be in any way beneficial to banks, and even when profitable, they are faced with outrageous bank charges. With prevailing technological advancement such as blockchain, improvements have greatly being recorded. 

Blockchain Applications

Blockchain related applications play a vital role in the global economy system. They require more the right skill to be up and running. Also, they depend largely on tools that are somewhat different from that of traditional applications to function as expected. For decentralized applications to be fully functional and efficient, the developer must to be fully equipped with cutting edge technologies and necessary tools. Due to its decentralized and trustless nature, blockchain technology can prompt new opportunities and benefit organizations via transparency, exceptional security, and easy traceability. As opposed to the traditional method of banking, many banks have for so many years operated on centralized form of database management. Instead of having financial transactions go through mysterious overlaid databases, blockchain promises to grant free access to the members in this shared network system so that all participants can see the original data. Even though everybody in the shared system can see the record, most of the members need to approve before updates are performed on them.

With these properties, a blockchain’s utilization is basically boundless. Surely, blockchain technology could achieve a quicker, less expensive, safer and borderless cooperations.

Some challenges blockchain developers face

Blockchain developer creates and optimizing blockchain protocols, crafting the architecture of blockchain systems, developing smart contracts and web apps using blockchain technology. Data is one of the crucial and valuable element of any organization and every developer has the responsibility of keeping data safe. With the alarming cyber threat , it can be challenging. Poor communication among new developers and lack of required knowledge is also a problem, there is always a need to share thoughts with like minds.

Algorand developers tools: equipping developers with the tools set

Algorand defines a new standard for blockchain technology, by fulfilling the actual promises of blockchain technology through a first of its kind blockchain transaction platform, a permissionless, pure proof of stake protocol with open participation and transaction finality required to build systems for billions of users. Algorand platform solves the blockchain trilemma by offering the true decentralization, scalability and security needed, while also distributing opportunity to everyone who builds applications or transacts on the Algorand platform. Algorand has created a hub for developers to execute their ideas while still leveraging on their existing coding skills and programming languages – Python, Java, Javascript and Golang. Algorand’s priority for developers im quite uncommon as it tends to absorb the demand of developers very swiftly.

On Algorand, it is easy to become a developer on as there are ample resources readily available for all levels including beginners. Basic knowledge and tools for levels of developers are available on the developer site. The Algorand developer portal is open for full exploration.

Algorand developer portal: – On this portal, there a lot of tutorials and solutions with step by step guide on how to build on the Algorand blockchain, a much needed tool by developers, especially those new to the space and are interested in creating decentralized applications. Developers are provided with solutions on how to develop new applications using the Algorand blockchain. Sample codes used for development and explanation on how to use them are made available, giving them full hang on what to do.

ARTICLES: – Series of articles which are documentation of developments on the blockchain to help the developer carry out an effective development are made available.

MEETING GROUND FOR DEVELOPERS: – Developers get to interact with like minds about their developments, exchange views, ideas and communicate on how to improve their development.

BONUS: – There is a bonus for user that write to and read from the note field.

ALGORAND DEVELOPER TOOLS/SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT KITS (SDK): – Algorand supports four SDKs for developing applications: Javascript, Java, Python, and Go.

COMMAND LINE INTERFACE (CLI): – Algorand provides three command line utilities packaged with Algorand node software: goal, kmd and algokey. Goal is the primary tool for operating a node and it also contains functionality to manage keys, sign and send transactions, create assets and perform many of the same or similar functions that are available in the SDKs. Kmd is the CLI for the Algorand key management demon and algokey is a standalone utility for generating Algorand accounts and for signing transactions.

INDEXER: – Algorand provides a standalone daemon algorand – indexer that reads committed blocks from the Algorand blockchain and maintains a local database of transactions and accounts that are searchable and indexed. Blockchains have, to a great extent, remained aspirational, but so are modern technological products. It is acceptable and appropriate to increase the current standards of our optimism. Yet, without supporting them with the right technology, optimism and aspirations will remain pure fantasy. Algorand has built technological tools and will keep on doing as such for the benefits of all. As seen in user cases such as, digital security firms using Algorand tools to build new innovative financial products and online gaming companies using Algorand tools to remove friction in new era of decentralized and transparent gaming. Powered by its general and flexible consensus protocol, which provides all these breakthroughs and more to the Algorand’s blockchain, leveraging technological breakthroughs and enabling a genuinely borderless economy is the primary mission of the Algorand Blockchain. 

Written by:

Adeshina OluwaSanmi,

Algorand Ambassador,

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