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Getting start with Algorand using Python Day-7: Multisig account concept with example and use case, how to create a transaction group and likely error with description

Before now, following previous tutorial, we have established connection(using REST APIs), generate accounts(private key, address and/or public key conversion), transfer token between accounts and query the network for account information. Let’s try some new...


Get started with python using Algorand SDK-V1, Day-6: Code Refactoring, Creating Modules In Python, Transfer Algo Between Three Accounts Simultaneously And Checking Account Statuses.

Recall from last post, I explained private, public keys/mnemonic phrase relationship, where I converted from private key to mnemonic seeds, from mnemonic seeds to private key and from mnemonic phrase to public key. Find...


Day-5 – Getting started with Python using Algorand: Private Key/Mnemonic Phrase Relationship, keyword explained

On day 4, we ran our first transaction on Algorand testnet. That’s pretty simple right? Yeah it is. Take your time to go over it again if you are confused. If yet, you experience...