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Stateful smart contract example using Python/Pyteal: simple role-based application

Algorand python SDKs provides for developers easy and convenient way of expressing smart contract codes in a more natural form. Recently, the protocol was upgraded with room to use both on-chain (stateful) and local...


Getting start with Algorand using Python Day-7: Multisig account concept with example and use case, how to create a transaction group and likely error with description

Before now, following previous tutorial, we have established connection(using REST APIs), generate accounts(private key, address and/or public key conversion), transfer token between accounts and query the network for account information. Let’s try some new...


Get started with python using Algorand SDK-V1, Day-6: Code Refactoring, Creating Modules In Python, Transfer Algo Between Three Accounts Simultaneously And Checking Account Statuses.

Recall from last post, I explained private, public keys/mnemonic phrase relationship, where I converted from private key to mnemonic seeds, from mnemonic seeds to private key and from mnemonic phrase to public key. Find...