In previous times when everything was done manually, life was not only boring but also stagnant as there was no significant improvement or changes in the way things are done, but it only lasted for as long as technology was obscured.

Today’s society is ruled by technology, every day brings the unravelling new tools and equipment from the tech industry developed to sustain life and improve the general standard of living  by facilitating the conservation of energy needed for work and deploying these tools for faster and more accurate results.  Technology makes life so much better.

Meanwhile, we have seen various categories of technological tools introduced into the world, some performing more than the others, however, one of the most impressive discoveries of man as regards to technology is the BLOCKCHAIN. This is a cutting edge tool developed to facilitate decentralization within various industries of the world including finance. Unlike the previous times when financial institutions were centralized, the blockchain gives a new paradigm and a better financial experience where individuals assume complete control of their funds, assets and transactions without requiring mediation. This approach is known as DECENTRALIZED FINANCE(DeFi) and the blockchain functions as the oxygen for this financial system.

We have seen diverse blockchain protocols make their way into the system, the first was Bitcoin, and then there was Etherum, Tron and others all coexisting in the ecosystem with their diverse flaws and weaknesses. It is impressive how well these structures have performed over the years, still the full potential of the blockchain infrastructure still remains a fluke to the global population until the Algorand protocol, a brainchild of the Algorand incorporation.

Algorand protocol is an innovative technology in the Blockchain industry that is carefully engineered to facilitate creating  different decentralized applications(dapps) and also create a seamless approach to making transactions across diverse systems. It is completely decentralized, open-sourced and permissionless, with the capacity of creating an unrestricted economy, and transactions finality.

It was formed in 2017,and until now has been a leading tool in creating transparent systems for decentralized applications(Dapps) with its protocol reaching worldwide implementation. Algorand is working non stop towards strengthening the network by forming alliances with top tier industries and corporations around the world and creating an avenue through which industries can integrate and leverage blockchain solutions to improve the quality of their products and services as well as attain wide scale adoption. This reflects on the recent development on the ALGORAND network called Algorand Partner Program(APP)


Simply put, the Algorand Partner Program is more or less an invitation by algorand to a number of top class innovative platforms and industries around the world building on the algorand blockchain to access a world of resources to help them compete in the ever growing digital global marketplace and proffer more delightful services to their users.

This program is designed to help these companies tap into the knowledge of expert consulting firms, system integrators and developer firms on their journey through blockchain adoption. Using the partners which will be stated below, Algorand hopes to facilitate global adoption of blockchain solutions.Some of the partakers in this global partner program include.


A substrate famous for the creation of state of the art business applications that facilitates total trust and guarantees complete privacy in businesses. This platform is rich in experts and professionals who possess a world of knowledge in secure enclaves, confidential computing and privacy protection tools to create a favorable environment for both start up companies and large worldwide enterprises to thrive.


Known for its versatility in developing artificial intelligence and blockchain solutions for companies which desire to fully explore the full capacity of their data. Mentat platform has always performed at the top level since its introduction, some high profile structures it has worked with include Hedge funds, Fintech, UK government, Global investment banks, Telcos and industrial companies, Mentat  offers efficient solutions to catalyzes the performance of various industries through AI.


Koinbax  has successfully developed a financial platform where assets can be tokenized, this platform can be customized for payments as well as virtual banking offerings.

This substrate has recently unlocked its API to create an opportunity for fintech developers and tech companies to be able to tokenize their assets on the platform. It is completely approved to operate as a crypto-fiat with its team located in Columbia, Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico.

  • NONA

A team of experts and professionals in the developments of innovative software and solutions. The NONA ecosystem focuses on helping founders and owners create and deliver efficient softwares. NONA stands by you and your company on your journey through development and gives you space and resources required to look beautiful and attain wide scale global reach.


A Boston based blockchain technology company which specializes on the development and delivering of payment solutions empowering businesses across the globe to adopt digital currencies both in payments and payout use cases while conducting their businesses.

This platform combines the blockchain and fiat payments solution to help adopters to be able to accept online payments without necessarily creating a website or mobile app.


One of the fastest growing product agencies in the United states which specialize in developing amazing applications for voice, mobile and web.

The platform comprises a team of experts who have experience in creating user friendly and highly sophisticated applications that have the capacity to increase industrial products demand.


Based in Hong Kong, Email was created by Dr Lawrence and Ma Peters in 2016 with the aim of delivering improved cryptographic products services that would facilitate trust, transparency and accountability for financial institutions, enterprises including public sectors.

Emali areas of specialty include identity/credential, regulated data exchange services, fraud detection, eductech, regtech, healthtech and regulatory registries in fintech.


This platform specializes on financial messaging and blockchain activities, provides consultancy services and operations support, Intellect Eu helps financial institutions and corporates integrate their back office systems by providing functional analysis, data transformation, implementation and other end to end services to offer scalability, transparency and guarantee security for clients..


Another high profile participants in the algorand partner program, Reach focuses on creating the easiest routes to app development on the blockchain, it offers the best knowledgeable and skilled staff in various areas of app development on blockchain, if you need a serial entrepreneur, ex.Googler or  PH.D, Reach has your back.


This global partner program hosted by Algorand reinforces that Algorand is not an average blockchain infrastructure, widens the gap between other blockchains and creating more usability for the global populace. The participants already stated above are only early adopters in the partner program, it is expected that the next phase of this program will create more rooms to accommodate of partakers within the ecosystem.

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