The blockchain is considered a revolutionary piece of technology, having found its way into the various industries of the world and initiating advancements in various aspects of the globe.

The seamlessness and simplicity in carrying out various activities and improving life quality is owed to the advancement of technology in the world and blockchain technology is chiefly one of the most recent innovations brought by technological advancements.

This inventive tool has facilitated the integration of an alternative yet more simplified approach to transactions within the ecosystem, which involves the utilization of virtual form of money popularly known as cryptocurrency for making payments either for goods purchased or for services rendered.

This system of transaction is characterized by giving individuals and participants autonomy and full control of their funds as well as a free hand to dictate how and where such funds are invested,this is otherwise known as DeFi(Decentralized Finance) all aimed at arriving at the ever anticipated cashless economy.

However, the realization of the visions of Decentralized Finance hinges on a functional and sustainable blockchain infrastructure equipped with the required financial tools on which innovative applications can be developed to help individuals in the ecosystem attain full financial freedom generally. But over the years, such a blockchain framework has seemed quite impossible,until the ALGORAND protocol.


ALGORAND Inc. is a foundation that has successfully developed a completely decentralized open source blockchain protocol designed to be completely permissionless on which developers and innovators can build advanced decentralized applications and develop other related financial products.

The protocol utilizes the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism which facilitates and drives its performance. It is quite scalable,involves low operational cost,is highly reliable and very swift in executing transactions.

Furthermore, ALGORAND in a bid to strengthen the network as well as proffer more usability for its participants has successfully amassed a number of supports from top partners,investors,innovators and developers from diverse angles owing to its incredible performance unlike other blockchain structures out there. 

Algorand’s flawless functioning capability can also be traced to the roles of the Borderless Capital,a modernized financial establishment known for investing capital and supporting the creation of financial products which speeds up the access,bootstrap adoption as well as creating value for the entire globe through the borderless economy on the ALGORAND blockchain. Furthermore, it is imperative to mention the Borderless Algorand Accelerator which is a global joint program executed by Borderless capital,Algorand foundation and Regional Accelerator partners to empower developers towards creating innovative blockchain applications and products on the algorand infrastructure.

The most recent milestone which ALGORAND has reached is its ability to garner support from a partner network called CRED.


The CRED network is a global lending and borrowing platform that helps individuals have open access to credit regardless of wherever they are or the time. This network was established by the previous financial technology veterans of Paypal with its headquarters located in the Francisco bay area.

CRED is designed to effectively utilize the potential of the blockchain structure and provide users with an array of superior financial services with numerous benefits attached to them. This network creates a coalition between entrepreneurial leaders, machine learning and the immutable blockchain technology to give users an unbeatable and sustainable financial experience.

This platform allows users to pledge their digital assets on the platform and enjoy mouthwatering interest rates on the blockchain,it partners with trusted security and insurance providers Fireblocks and Lockton to ensure that user’s digital assets are completely secure from compromise.

Furthermore, it combines the best of traditional financial services and the blockchain for optimum user benefits while maintaining a comprehensive insurance policy including cyber hacking, E&O and regulatory coverage.


As at September 30, 2020. These two powerhouses announced a partnership agreement that will totally revolutionize and drive decentralized finance and blockchain adoption in general.

CRED, a licensed California-based lender and a leader in crypto backed lending and borrowing services and ALGORAND,the first open source,permissionless,pure proof of stake blockchain network all over the aims to innovate the financial industry by proffering strategic initiatives to facilitate the furtherance of decentralized financial services for the entire ALGORAND community.

The rationale behind this merger is to give the CRED network an opportunity to properly accentuate the investments of borderless capital on cred through the ALGORAND network by supporting the development of new products to expose users to diverse significant yield opportunities.

Users will be able to benefit by earning fixed interest rates regardless of the fierce competitive rates obtainable across the various partner networks through Creds ability to amass yield through the various DeFi and CeFi channels within the ecosystem. Not only that, there is also a provision made for users to receive higher interest rates when they stake LBA,which is the unique token of Cred’s platform with payment made in the participant’s preferred cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile, in the event of Algorand’s coalition with the CRED network, below are what the CEOs of both powerhouses had to say.

“We are happy to have the support of CRED to the growing Algorand community with their highly strategic financial services capabilities, connecting with a growing number of defi organizations building new opportunities for on the Algorand network. The Cred team possess deep expertise and knowledge across blockchain technology, risk management, capital markets and compliance to our users,” according to Steve Kokinos, CEO of Algorand. “Their top-tier offerings and vision seems consistent with our desire to create sophisticated defi applications to the Algorand ecosystem.”

“We are delighted to form this partnership with Algorand, a giant powerhouse in the development of stateless smart contracts and scalable proof-of-stake consensus,” said Dan Schatt, Co-Founder and CEO of Cred. “We look forward to backing the holders of Algotoken with a more transparent, equitable set of financial services that built around Algorand’s best of breed DeFi capabilities and bridge them with powerful CeFi and Fiat services to offer significant yield on assets.”


It is only safe to say that decentralized finance is taking a whole new shape considering how much output and benefits the partnership between Algorand and cred will bring for the entire blockchain ecosystem.  Cred intends to support the growing Algorand adoption with earning, borrowing, payment services supported by strategic investment from Borderless Capital and with new earning capabilities emanating from the merger of these networks, it aims to bridge the widening gap between decentralized and traditional finance.

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