How to write smart contract using Pyteal with code example – ALGORAND

This video gives you the required orientation to get started writing smart contract using Pyteal. Pyteal is a language binding for Algorand smart contract thus enabling Algorand developers to express smart contract logic in python natural form.

Developers are able to create smart contract and deploy on Algorand blockchain in other programming languages such as Java, Javascript and Golang including Python. For more tutorials and how to get started, Algorand’s developers website.


Algorand, together with our community is building a trusted, public and permissionless infrastructure for the borderless economy. In support of our mission, we are launching a 250 million ALGO Grants Program. This multi-year Grants Program offers various funding level opportunities across application development, tools & infrastructure, research, and education & community. These will empower innovation and development supporting the growth of a vibrant, diverse and thriving Algorand ecosystem.


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